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This site is strictly non-sexual. Escorts please be aware that scammers have been offering premium account upgrades for a fee. These scammers are not from our office and paying them will make no difference to your account. If in doubt please contact Daisy or Jessica by e-mail.

Female Escorts USA


Contact me directly to arrange good times ;-)


Mobile Number: 3137218444
What kind of escort are you? Non-sexual
Age: 19
Eye colour: Brown
Hair Colour/Style: Black
Height: 5”2
Body Type: Medium
Smokes: Never
Languages Spoken: English
Sexuality: Straight
Client Orientation: Men Only
Availability: Evenings

Cities you are willing to travel to: Miami, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas
Biography: I love to meet people, I’m like to go out and have fun.

I’m a good listener, I’m also caring and easy going. Cooking is one of my passion, love trying new recipes and flavors especially anything spicy. I love Jazz music and I love to explore new places.

If you pick me, I promise to make your day intriguing.
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