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beautiful female escort Contessa edge

Contessa edge

Contact me directly at: 7082621568

Contessa edge



Eye Color


Hair Style/Color

Dark brown

Height in Feet

5foot 2

Body Type






Client Orientation

Men Only

Languages Spoken



Day Times, Evenings, Weekdays, Weekends


mokena illinois 

Cities you are willing to travel to

new lenox mokena frankfort joliet 


Short Biography:

I love to meet new friends and all my friends have said I am a very quirky outgoing person. I love to make people feel loved and excepted and I hope that people return the favor. I love to talk and I will always listen to others and give great advice.

Extended Biography:

I have always had a love for music, honestly any type considering I play violin, viola, guitar, and piano. I love to go hiking and I love to help people and animals in need. I also love to go hiking I find nature to be a beautiful thing.

The sexiest thing in my opinion is peoples eyes, this is because the eyes are the windows to the soul and everyone has something different to the color and how they look at others.

My interests are:

Music- I love playing music, singing, and I love to watch concerts

Dancing- mostly contemporary

Hiking- I love to watch nature

Photography- I always bring my camera on a hike

Crocheting- I love to make beautiful creations

Occasions we can share:

·         Concerts

·         Dinner dates

·         Weddings

·         Family functions

·         Work functions

·         Dancing classes

I am completely open to any suggestions that you have in mind and would be happy to share the event with you!

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