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I am available during evenings and weekends in Illinois and Missouri for now but open for discussion on other states.

Please contact me directly at: or phone at 6184067985




Eye Color


Hair Style/Color


Height in Feet


Body Type






Client Orientation

Men Only

Languages Spoken



Evenings, Weekends


Missouri, Illinois

Cities you are willing to travel to

Illinois and Missouri for now but open for discussion on other states.


Hi my name is Dina,


I'm from Illinois just 35 minutes from downtown St. Louis Mo.  I get off work at 6pm, I also work every other weekend. I'm honest, hard working, I have a very good sense of humor and a little shy when I first meet people. I always strive to be on time or early when going places (I hate being). I'm a good listener and I don't judge people. I don't smoke or drink beer although I will drink a mixed drink or wine once in awhile when out with friends. Things that attract me to men are their smile, eyes and sense of humor. 


Things I enjoy doing.

*Going to the gym with my daughter 3 time a week (mother/daughter time)

*Making costumes for my son for Halloween (which is our favorite Holiday)


*Camping with family

*Listening to all kinds of music ( favorites are still the 80's hairbands)




Things on my bucket list that I would like to do

*Travel to other countries or at least other states in the US

*sky dive at least once

*zip line

*go on a cruise ship


If you book with me we could enjoy

*Dinner dates

*Theater shows

*Work functions

*Live music, shows

*Going to clubs

*Parks for a nice picnic or walk


*Sporting events


If you're interested in booking with me to enjoy your evening with then please contact me at. or text me at 6184067985 to let me know who you are and I'll get back with you asap. 


Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you