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Eboni Renee

I'm available in multiple states, just get in touch to arrange unforgettable moment with me

Eboni Renee

Age 27
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color/Style Brown/ dark brown miniature dreads
Height in Feet 5'8"
Languages Spoken English
Body Type Slim
Smokes Occasionally
Sexuality Bisexual
Client Type Men & Women
Availability Day time




New York




Cities you are willing to travel to Any city in the states I have chosen above
Biography I love meeting new people. Im just fascinated by the clash and mesh of cultures. I love learning about differnt genres and areas of interest from information technology to law. My strict southern small town up bringing gives me my string morale but my bigger city living is what has molded my sense of adventure.

I love singing and dancing just as I love a good sense of humor. If you spend the evening with me, I'll promise down to earth. vibes with a splash of spontaneity, and great conversation.

My interest are music ( anything from rap metal to pop to hip hop). My favorite activity is anything to do with cooking and eating. (Thank God for a reasonable metabolism). I love sports (football, volleyball, you name it). I am also a fan of the performance arts so can still enjoy a play or the orchestra with ease.

If you book me we can venture out to any of the following activities:

Cooking classes
Dinner dates
Work functions
Deep tissue massages
Theatre shows

Sports functions or just dinner with conversation. I am open to any and all events.

I have a vast area of interest and a wide range of conversation for you to divulge in. I am your partner for the weekend, day or evening to pep up or wind down your day.

Patrons/clients need only contact me for serious inquiries only and to be ready to discuss what it is that they will want to hire me for. I am located in Denver Colorado and rates will increase 20% for traveling.


$80/hour for business events
60/hour for leisure/casual events


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