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Shawn Michaels

Contact me directly at: and 954 638 7474 (text me first with my cell phone number please)

Shawn Michaels

Age 34
Eye Color Hazel green
Hair Color/Style Brown/comb over
Height in Feet 5'10"
Languages Spoken English
Body Type Athletic
Smokes Never
Sexuality Straight
Client Type Women Only
Availability Evenings

States Florida

Cities you are willing to travel to West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Miami, and occasionally Orlando
Biography Interacting with new people is one of the things that really drives me and makes me happy in life. I’ve been told that I have a witty and funny personality and I usually can strike up a conversation no matter what the situation. I love grilling, or going out for a nice meal and having great conversations. I am very out going and love anything outdoors. Played sports my whole life. Served in the military as well. I was raised to treat women with the upmost respect and to put their wants and needs before mine so making your experience fun, enjoyable, and memorable is what I would do for you. Love movies, walks on the beach, dinners, and really anything because for me it's more about the company I am with than the setting itself.


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