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William Bui

Contact me directly at:

I am ONLY Seeking Friendship and Networking.
I'm in a serious committed relationship.

William Bui

Age 31
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color/Style Dark Brown
Height in Feet 5.5
Languages Spoken English
Body Type Average
Smokes Never
Sexuality Straight
Client Type Men & Women
Availability Day time

States California

Cities you are willing to travel to Any city within Southern California: i.e. San Diego, Palm Springs, Victorville, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Santa Barbara, Newport, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Malibu, etc.
Biography Hello there! I am an easy going guy and down to earth. I can be funny at times and a bit of a goofball too. I am a book waiting to be opened.
 I am adventurous and like the great out doors as I love being outside and watching nature.
My passion is food. I love cooking and dining out. I enjoy cooking in my kitchen and creating new dishes from recipes I have collected over the years.
If you pick me, I hope to make you laugh and have fun on our special outing. I want to be able to be that friend that listens and someone you look
forward to seeing and talking to. I am a chill guy and open to do just about anything.

My Interests Include:
Cooking- all kinds of food and desserts too 
Physical Activities- Going to the gym, playing tennis or going golfing, even walking my dog. I am up for anything.
Outdoor Activities- fishing, biking, camping, hiking.
Sporting events- hockey, football,basketball,baseball,tennis, and golf.
Special Events- concerts, museums, exhibits, Broadway shows, plays, and I like classical things too.
Shopping- I enjoy shopping for things like clothes and men's jewelry. 
Arts and crafts- sewing and making things, painting too but not to good at it.
other interests include hanging out at Barns and Noble, fine dining, going to the beach, going to conventions and bingo too
I also like gaming and Anime.

Book me and we can enjoy doing things like:

Hanging out and enjoying life
Eating at places or enjoying a nice dinner
Playing Tennis,golf,hockey or anything sports related 
Cooking classes, Baking classes
Going to Sporting events or special events.
I am pretty much open to any suggestions. Whatever you'd like to do!

There are so many things that interest me and would like to share with you. 
I hope we can enjoy each other/s time and forge a friendship.
I look forward to meeting you!



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