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James Bernard

Ladies, pick me if you want to have an interesting, intellectual and fun time!

I am available during evenings and weekends in Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Suburbs.

Please contact me directly at:

James Bernard

Age 67

Eye Color Brown

Hair Color/Style Grey/ Short

Height in Feet 6' 1"

Body Type Athletic

Smokes Never

Sexuality Straight

Client Type Women Only

Availability Evenings, Weekends

Cities you are willing to travel to Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Suburbs

Biography Short Biography: I was raised in Philly & educated in Catholic grade
schools & at St. Joseph's Prep. I am a Temple U Liberal Arts graduate.
I spent 18 years pursuing Masters degrees & landing first professional
jobs whilst living in: Syracuse & Niagra Falls, NY; & Bloomington, IN.
I returned to Philly in 1991. I recently retired to pursue a business venture.

Extended Biography: I enjoy staying in touch with friends and colleagues 
from New York, Indiana and Philadelphia. I have always felt enriched by 
having a diverse group of friends. with different backgrounds, religions,
experiences and points of view. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to
socialize with high energy, high achieving women. I love the South Jersey
Shore. I am a Wildwood guy!

My interests include: rock, r & b, and jazz music; Philly sports; Philly politics
creative (non-fiction) writing; astrology; and the "Body Positive" Beauty & 
Fashion movement. I enjoy recreational hiking and swimming.

Book Me and let's share: work-related events & functions, dinner dates,
theatre shows, live music events, live sports events, live political events
hiking, swimming, and freestyle dancing to 60's /70's r & b and soul music.
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