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I find meeting new people fascinating and has become one of my biggest passions. I’m told often by my friends that spending time with me makes their cheeks hurt from laughing. No better way to increase one’s life than to laugh a lot!


Age 39
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color/Style Brown
Height in Feet 5’10”
Languages Spoken English
Body Type Average
Smokes Never
Sexuality Straight
Client Type Women Only
Availability Day time

States California

Cities you are willing to travel to Northern California Cities. I’m open to travel anywhere provided compensation for travel expenses.
Biography I have a passion for the outdoors, exploring new places and eating. I love to try new food and activities and adventures. If it gets my heart beating faster, I’m there! I believe in pursuing excellence and encouraging others they have what it takes. Life can be short so live it to the fullest and have a blast along the way!

I believe one of the sexiest things someone can experience is through gazing into someone eyes. There is so much communicated through just a look that often words are not needed.

· My Interests Include:
· Nature Hikes – Anywhere that has accessible paths
· Eating – Foods from different cultures (and food trucks)
· Museums – Galleries – Exhibits
· Anything Aviation – Flying lessons are in the future for me
· Reading – Anything to help me become a better version of myself or connect with people
· Relaxing – Taking in the sun or getting a massage. It’s all great!

Book me for an evening and we can share any of the following occasions:

· Dinner Date
· Work Function
· Couples Massage
· Theater Shows
· Role Playing
· Sporting Events
· Live Music / Concerts
· Retreats
· Netflix and some snacks

I am always open to any suggestion you make. The only requirement is accessibility for a wheelchair. Once you get to know me, you’ll forget all about the wheelchair. I’m a pretty amazing person to be around, but more importantly I want to get to know what makes you the amazing person that you are.
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