State: California
Race: Alkebulan
Age: 28
Availability: Weekdays, Weekends
Gender: Male
We can enjoy these activities together: Art & Galleries, Bars & Clubs, Baseball Games, Basketball Games, Bingo Buddy, Bowling Buddy, Broadway, Casino, Chauffeur, Cinema Buddy, Comicon, Concert Companion, Creative writing, Dance Partner, Dieting Buddy, Dinner Companion, Family Party Companion, Fancy dress event, Food & dining out, Football Games, Golf, Hanging Out, Horse Riding, House party, Life Coaching, Live Music, Meditation, Netflix, Opera, Pose as Boyfriend / Girlfriend, Pose as Friend or Family member, Prom date, Role Playing, Sailing, Shopping Trips, Skype, Study Budy, Theater Shows, Vacation Companion, Video Call, Walks along the beach / park, Wedding Partner, Weekends Away, Wine Tasting, Wing Man/Woman, Work Party, Workout Buddy, Yoga
30 mins: $60
1 hour: $120
2 Hours: $240
4 hours: $560
Cell phone: 5626696821
Additional Services/Interests:

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E-mail: click here

Things you should know about me are: I exude a magnetic charm that effortlessly draws people in. My athletic build reflects not only physical strength but also a dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle, showcasing my commitment to well-being. Passion flows through every aspect of my life, igniting a vibrant energy that captivates those around me. My outgoing nature makes every encounter an adventure, as I thrive on connecting with others and exploring new horizons.
My affinity for good vibes creates an atmosphere of positivity, enveloping everyone in a sense of warmth and camaraderie. Compatibility is my forte, seamlessly blending into diverse social circles with ease. A harmonious coexistence with others is a testament to your adaptability and open-mindedness. In my presence, people find not a charismatic individual but also a genuine soul who enriches every moment with authenticity and enthusiasm.


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