Ohio Non-sexual Male Escort

Ohio Non-sexual Male Escort
State: Ohio
Race: African American/Native American
Age: 42
Availability: Weekdays, Weekends
Gender: Male
We can enjoy these activities together: Art & Galleries, Bars & Clubs, Baseball Games, Basketball Games, Bowling Buddy, Broadway, Business Coaching, Casino, Chauffeur, Cinema Buddy, Comicon, Concert Companion, Cooking Lessons, Creative writing, Dance Partner, Dieting Buddy, Dinner Companion, Extreme Sports companion, Family Party Companion, Fancy dress event, Food & dining out, Football Games, Golf, Hanging Out, Horse Riding, House party, Live Music, Maths Tutor, Meditation, Netflix, Pose as Boyfriend / Girlfriend, Pose as Friend or Family member, Prom date, Role Playing, Roller Skating/Blading, Sailing, Science Tutor, Shopping Trips, Skiing, Sky Diving, Skype, Study Budy, Theater Shows, Tutoring, Vacation Companion, Video Call, Walks along the beach / park, Wedding Partner, Weekends Away, Wine Tasting, Wing Man/Woman, Work Party, Workout Buddy, Yoga, Yoga Classes
1 hour: $150
Cell phone: 951-385-9760
Additional Services/Interests:

I’m yours for the your time so whatever you want to do it’s your time! ?
I like to go to museums
Go to concerts
Try new Cusines
To the the beach


E-mail: click here

I’m a very adventurous outgoing man 6’2″ 172 pounds Swimmers build. Ohio Non-sexual Male Escort


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