This question has come up, several times over the years as the UK Escort scene has always sat within a somewhat grey area.

In recent years, escorting has forked into two types;

Traditional Escorting

This is what most people associate with the word ‘Escort’, in which the escort meets clients and exchanges money for sexual favors. This type of escort is more commonly referred to as a prostitution.

Non-Sexual Escorting

As the name implies – these types of escorts do not offer sexual services or ‘extras’ of any kind. You would hire a non-sexual escort or companion as they are sometimes referred to, for dinner dates, weddings and other social activities that do NOT involve intimacy of any kind.

The Legal Low Down

Non-Sexual Escorting is completely legal in the whole of the United States of America. However, many people who attempt to book time with non-sexual escorts automatically assume that extras are included and are surprised when their advances are rejected… If you are planning to advertise your services as a non-sexual escort it’s important to set things straight before confirming a booking with a client. It is highly recommended that you sign up to a non-sexual escort agency such as Dukes of Daisy who provide a totally managed service and have straightforward legal terms set prior to signing up. Additionally clients who attempt to book non-sexual escorts from Dukes of Daisy agree to be bound by these terms. What this means is that the escorting is strictly companionship based and does NOT include any sexual favors.

Traditional Escorting which includes an exchange of sexual services for money, is 100% illegal in the USA. In simpler terms, it is illegal to buy, sell or advertise sexual services in the U.S.A… To make this even clearer for you;

It is illegal to;

  • Approach people in public to sell or buy sex (kerb crawling)
  • Run a Brothel or allow a property to run as a brothel
  • Advertise Sexual Escorting of any kind online or in any other manner

It is not illegal to;

  • Advertise online as a non-sexual escort such as on this website
  • Escort clients to social events such as Weddings, Work events and restaurants

While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of this post and the information herein. The information is not offered as legal or factual advice. In short the laws concerning prostitution and escorting are constantly evolving; as such it is strongly recommended that the reader check state and county laws to ensure that any acts of escorting are completely compliant within your region. cannot be held responsible for the information published in this post and this does not constitute professional or legal advice.



  • jenn

    how do i sign up as a non sexual escort and a sexual escort

    • Daisy

      Click the pink button in the top right hand corner of the website

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